Your identity in the palm of your hand.

Keyo empowers you to prove who you are and access what’s yours with a wave of your hand. Pay at stores, redeem tickets, and open doors without phones, cards, or keys.

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Forget your
at home,
on purpose.

The Keyo Network is the first secure global identity platform for people & businesses. Users enroll only once to scan their palm at any participating business around the world.

Built for Builders.

The Keyo Network is powered by proprietary hardware and software that form a flexible and powerful implementation infrastructure for your most innovative ideas. It has 4 key components.


Keyo App Store

The Keyo App Store allows you to become a Keyo Partner and quickly create, test, and deploy apps using biometric identification for smartphone, tablet, kiosk, and desktop.


Keyo Identity Cloud

The Keyo Identity Cloud, software that can instantly and privately identify users based on their hand scan, is built to support billions of users for truly global scale.


Keyo Mobile App

The Keyo Mobile App is where users can enroll with Keyo, link accounts such as credit cards, and manage their data and permissions.


Keyo Wave

The Keyo Wave, our next generation hand scanning device, has unprecedented flexibility to identify users at different angles, distances, and degrees of dexterity.


A single identity company that

meets all your needs.



Keyo utilizes a complex combination of internal and external hand biometrics to ensure that data can't be spoofed or repurposed for public surveillance.



Our patented hardware and software can scale to billions of users for truly global reach. 



No long processing times. Our databases can compare billions of biometric records in milliseconds.



Our powerful SDK, API, and touchscreen-native app store with ready-to-use sample apps make integrations a breeze.

Building a privacy focused
network for you and the
ones you love.


We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. To respect that right, we put privacy at the center of our technology and methodology. We build products we're proud to use ourselves or recommend to our loved ones because they empower us to enjoy the convenience of biometrics without compromising our privacy.

Security + Compliance


We take consumer data privacy seriously. We use military grade encryption to protect sensitive information, and support all major privacy and security frameworks, such as GDPR, BIPA, CCPA, and SOC2.


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