Biometric Innovations for Essential Workers in 2021

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One of the biggest challenges essential workers face each day is being immersed in the general public. They’re handling vast amounts of physical payment, goods, and sharing close proximity with hundreds to thousands of people per day. Keyo has come up with some ideas on how we can make worker safety a top priority.

Transforming payment methods & event entry

Keyo partnered with a large credit card and smart vending company on two innovative marketing experiences for payments and ticketing.

The Keyo 1.0 enrollment terminals were used to enroll event attendees in Keyo and integrated with smart vending machines. Once users registered their palm with Keyo, they were free to use their palm to pay for prizes at vending machines around the event.

This experience has led us to two possibilities for enhancing essential worker protection:

  • Replace payment cards, currency, and processing devices with contactless payment.
  • Replace physical tickets (or e-tickets) with contactless entry at large events.

Challenges solved at this marketing event:

  • Innovative "hands-on" payment experience for event attendees.
  • An all-in-one ecosystem for access control, ticketing, and payments.

Additional challenges Keyo can solve now:

  • Essential workers don't have to handle any physical forms of payment.
  • The public doesn’t have to touch card processing machines or tablets that have been used by many others.
  • Reduces any further spread of covid-19 or other viruses.
  • Simplifies interactions between essential services and the public.
  • Employees don’t have to handle tickets or identification at large events.
  • The public can have a much smoother, faster, and more secure entry into events.
  • In-person activities and shopping can be done in a safer environment.

Forthcoming Keyo Solutions

Keyo Payment Processing allows shoppers to pay for goods and services with just their palm. Companies can choose between desktop and mounted wall devices to create the best user experience.

Terminal software:

  • TerminalOS
  • Payment
  • Enrollment

Desktop devices:

  • Keyo Base: a free-standing, copper-coated palm vein reader. Designed to be directly connected via USB cable to a workstation running compatible software.
  • Keyo Desk: a 7" capacitive touchscreen with internet connectivity by WiFi and Ethernet. It supports full range audio feedback and is powered via a standard wall adapter.

Mounted devices:

  • Keyo Wall: a 7" capacitive touchscreen that shows rich user feedback during scanning, including time and attendance confirmations, customizable facility messages, and messages controlled by 3rd party software integrations.
  • Keyo Insert*: our first flush-mounted palm vein reader; it can be installed separately in a wall next to an entry or exit. This device comes in two versions: angled and non-angled.

*The Keyo Insert can accommodate a wide variety of payment and ticketing use cases as it can be installed in kiosks, turnstiles, and vending machines.

Keyo Ticketing uses palm vein biometrics to identify and grant entry for people attending events, theme parks, and stadiums.

Terminal software:

  • TerminalOS
  • TerminalOS: admin tools
  • Ticketing
  • Enrollment

Desktop devices:

  • Keyo Base
  • Keyo Desk

Mounted devices:

  • Keyo Wall
  • Keyo Insert

Who benefits from contactless payment?

Companies that work with the general public every day and depend on or prefer in-person payment processing. Think of brick-and-mortar stores or local businesses competing against eCommerce giants, restaurants that want to safely reopen to full capacity, and the hospitality industry.

Who benefits from contactless ticketing?

Companies that put on large events or are themselves the location for events: ticketing companies, concert venues, sports stadiums, theaters.

Additionally, theme parks that need quick, accurate identification to allow large amounts of people inside their grounds. With palm vein biometric technology, more people can get through the turnstiles easily and safely.

Biometrics should be usable for any organization

While biometric authentication can seem intimidating or something out of a sci-fi movie, it has the power to protect our most vulnerable workers and society as a whole. At Keyo, we believe that biometric solutions should be available and affordable to everyone.

That's why we're working towards making our biometric platform as user-friendly and developer-friendly as possible. Our integration capabilities make Keyo extremely accessible and we're excited to share its details with the public in the near future.

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