for the internet
and IRL.

Keyo’s next generation identity platform provides low latency, high
throughput matching for up to billions of users. Our API, SDK, and App Store make it easy and cost-effective to get started. Let’s build the future of privacy-centric identity for the world, together.

See Keyo in Action

Keyo's robust developer toolkit make it easy to build biometrically authenticated apps and experiences.
Keyo Dashboard-1

Keyo Dashboard

The Keyo Dashboard gives you access to the Sandbox environment, so you can emulate events, create webhooks, manage API Keys and more.

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Keyo Anywhere SDK

The KeyoAnywhere SDK allows Keyo members to use their KeyoID to login to biometrically authenticated apps on their desktop or phone.

Keyo Matching Engine-1

Keyo Matching Engine

Enter your target number of users and match request volume to see Keyo's dynamically scaling matching engine in action.

Keyo Wave2-1

Keyo Wave

The Keyo Wave has unprecedented flexibility to identify users at different angles, distances, and degrees of dexterity.

Dev Tools Overview

Step-By-Step Tutorials

Learn about our integration
requirements and how to start testing the API.

Emulation Tools

Use Keyo’s UI emulator tool to demo Keyo's system

API reference and SDK

Explore the API reference guide to view integration instructions with supported code samples.

Dedicated Support

Our team is available to answer your questions and help you get started.


Our pricing is simple. Testing the technology is free. You’ll only pay once you’re ready for production.

Baked In Compliance

Keyo supports all major privacy and security frameworks, so you can build with peace of mind.

Integrate with Keyo

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Server-side Clients, APIs, Kiosks, Point Of Sale Devices, Any Partner-Managed Application

- Keyo User/Activity management

- Keyo Terminal/Account management

- Terminal end-user application(s) management

- Processes Stream Of Http-Based Webhook or SDK "events" from Keyo
- Monitors Biometric Enroll / Identify Scanner Activity
- Monitors Keyo Platform Instance Health And Metrics
- Consumes Keyo API Endpoints for Business / Application Layers
- Facilitates Integration With Scanner's End-User Applications
- Interfaces To Existing Partner Services

Server-side Clients, APIs, Kiosks, Point Of Sale Devices, Any Partner-Managed Application


The platform that scales with you.

Keyo is the only biometric identity platform that provides
low latency, high throughput matching for truly global
scale. Let's build the future of identity together.

500ms match-speed at scale

Through cutting edge AI, vector optimization, dynamic
scalability, purpose built sensors and more, the Keyo Cloud maintains 500ms matching speed and non-limiting
throughput, at any scale.

Global-Scale Matching

Billions of users, identification in milliseconds. The Keyo Cloud is the only privacy-centric biometric identity platform that is purpose-built to massively scale.


Security + Compliance

We take consumer data seriously, which is why we adhere to strict privacy guidelines including CCPA, GPR, BIPA, SOC2, and NIST
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