Convenient and contactless

Keyo is partnering with global leaders in finance, travel and hospitality, healthcare, transportation, building security, and more to bring biometrically authenticated applications to places and people all over the world.

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Where Will You Wave?

Explore adding biometrics to a variety of industries and use cases.

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Access Control 

Unlock doors, call elevators, and operate turnstiles with a contactless scan of the hand. Say goodbye to lost and forgotten keys, fobs and ID badges.

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Add an extra layer of security and convenience to in-branch banking and ATM experiences. Replace IDs and cards with our convenient, contactless biometric.

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Level up your rewards. Give your biggest fans the opportunity to collect points with their palm.

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Let your customers pay with a palm! No more digging for credit cards, loyalty cards, or phones at the checkout counter.

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Travel & Mobility

Simplify ticketing and traveler authentication for your airline, bus service, metro and more. Replace paper tickets and plastic cards with the industry’s most accurate biometric iD.

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Imagine a hospitality experience without keycard anxiety. Let your guests move around your property with total freedom - opening doors, paying for drinks, checking in and more with a scan of their hand.

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Flexible, secure and private identity for every citizen. Improve civic engagement and agency efficiency with multi-modal biometric identity.

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Empower students and staff to access campus buildings, pay for textbooks, and verify student ID with cutting edge technology that inspires.

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Patient check-in, doctor login, prescription pickup and more, all with a contactless scan of the palm.

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Make forgotten tickets to the big game or show a thing of the past, and let your fans enter the arena with a wave of their hand.