What is Keyo?

How Keyo works, our products, and general FAQs.

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Keyo is a global biometric identity network that allows anyone to prove who they are and access what's theirs with a wave of their hand. 

The problems the Keyo Network solves range from minor inconveniences, like realizing you forgot your wallet at home when you get to the end of the checkout line, to major disasters, such as recovering the identity of people experiencing a natural disaster or political instability.

Our mission is to realize the incredible potential of biometrics without compromising personal freedom. We see a future in which our identity - the core of who we are and how we interact with the world - is not trapped inside antiquated bits of plastic and metal that can be lost, broken, forgotten, or stolen. 

Our Products

Keyo Wave is the most powerful biometric scanner on the market. Our patented EasyScan™ technology allows for incredible flexibility, meaning that we can identify hands at different distances, angles, and shapes (flat vs. cupped).

The Keyo Mobile App empowers people to enroll with Keyo, add linked accounts such as credit cards, and manage their data & permissions.

The Keyo App Store & Partner Program allows Keyo Partners to quickly create, test, and deploy biometrically authenticated apps for smartphones, tablets, kiosks, and desktops.

The Keyo Identity Cloud is the software that can instantly and privately identify you based on an encrypted scan of your hand and scale to billions of users on a truly global scale.

How does it work

The Keyo ID Cloud software enables applications to identify and verify your identity through Keyo's contactless biometric hardware. 

Within milliseconds, the Keyo Wave maps millions of unique data points on your hand's surface and internal structure to instantly and privately identify you at any business in the Keyo Network. 

Why Hand-Based Biometrics?

Keyo made a purposeful choice to use the hand as a biometric instead of other methods, such as facial recognition.

    • Facial recognition has had serious legal and regulatory challenges. We wear our faces wherever we travel in the digital and physical worlds, making them more vulnerable to surveillance and use without consent.
    • Facial recognition has also had issues with accuracy. Several studies have shown it to perform better with white men than other groups, especially women of color. Our faces also change often – we may wear sunglasses or hats, we age, we may get a tan, etc. – while our hands are less variable.

Our hands have millions of unique data points that differentiate us. They change little over time, and because Keyo uses data points internal to the body - such as palm vein structure - our biometric identifier cannot be taken without a person's consent.

What is the Keyo Network?

The Keyo Network is a collection of businesses using Keyo for anything from boarding a flight, redeeming a ticket to a big game, paying for your morning coffee, opening doors to your home or hotel room, and checking into your doctor’s office, and more.
Keyo is already used to help sign in at hundreds of hospitals around the US, open doors at offices in Mexico, and pay for coffee in Africa.
How is Keyo privacy-focused?

Hand-based biometrics are privacy-focused because they are internal to the body. This means that, unlike facial recognition or fingerprints, Keyo’s biometric identifier (your palm-vein and palm-print pattern), is never exposed to the outside world in day-to-day activities, making it virtually impossible for it to be accessed by anyone other than you.

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. Our mission is to realize the incredible potential of biometrics without compromising personal freedom. We put privacy at the center of our technology and methodology to achieve that. 


When will the Keyo Wave be available?

The Keyo Wave will start shipping in Q1 2023, but you can sign up to pre-order the device now! Contact sales to place your order today.

Can anyone sign up?

Currently, Keyo is an invite-only solution. If your office, favorite retailer, or event you attend deploys Keyo, you will be invited to join.

If you'd like to suggest a business we should talk to, let us know!

How does the pricing work?

The Keyo platform is free to join! We encourage you to sign up for an account to access API credentials, webhooks, demo client applications and enroll test users. Once you are up and running, become a member for additional technical support during the integration phase and to take your integration live!
Please visit our pricing page to learn more.

✏️ Note: Learn how to sign up and get started with a Keyo account here.