Organization Roles and Permissions Explained

Learn about admin/user roles and permissions.

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There are three roles in an organization: OwnersAdmins, and Users

Owners and admins can access organization permissions such as:

  • General organization information
  • Device info
  • Membership info
  • Organization location
  • Organization role
  • Organization invitation
  • Device location photo
  • Organization address
Users, however, have read-only access to organization information.


Owner permissions

An Owner can remove, pause, and change the role of any organization's users, including marking a User as Admin and an Admin as User.

✏️ Note: There can be only one owner of an organization. Owners can't remove, pause, change roles, or delete themselves unless ownership is transferred to another admin. 


Admins permissions

Admins cannot change or delete other admins along with the role and permissions of other admins unless they have this permission. Admins can change the role of users, including changing user roles from User to Admin and Admin to User.