Getting Started with the Dashboard

Steps for setting up your Keyo account and more.

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Welcome to Keyo!

We are glad you're here! To get started, we have put together a few resources to help you learn about setting up your user account. As a Beta user, Keyo will grant you access to the dashboard via an invite from a Keyo team member. 

With a user account, you have free access to Keyo's Sandbox environment in the dashboard and the option to create three organizations, ten user enrollments, and two device limits per owner account.

🤩 Tip: To learn more about building, testing, and all dev tool features, please visit our developer hub

How to create a Keyo account

To create a Keyo account, you will need to receive an invite via email from a Keyo senior partner solutions manager with a link to an account creation form. 

🤩 Tip: If you do not have an invite, please visit our developer sign-up page to request access. 

✏️ Note: In order to complete the sign-up, you must sign up with the same email address used to send the invite. 

If you are having trouble logging in, please reach out to us via email or chat.


Complete the fields on the form:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Enter a password
  • Confirm password
  • Accept the TOS and privacy policy and click Next

✏️ Note: As a default, you will be prompted to set up 2FA using your phone number. 

Once you’ve set up your account credentials, you will now have access to your user account.

🤩 Tip: Learn more about user roles and permissions in the dashboard here.

Logging In


To login to the dashboard:

  • Enter your email and password
  • Click Login

After you log in, you will be prompted to verify your email, complete your profile and create an organization in the 3-step Get Started with Keyo section of the dashboard.

✏️ Note: As an admin and user, you will be automatically logged out of your Keyo Dashboard after 1 hour of inactivity.

Step 1: Verify your email

To verify your email, follow the instructions sent to your inbox.

Step 2: Complete your Profile

Complete your profile, by clicking on step 2, Complete Your Profile.

Group 21101289

Fill in the following information and add a profile picture on the form:

Group 21101289 (1)

  • Your first name and last name
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Upload a photo

Click Save

Step 3: Create an Organization

Create your first organization by clicking on step 3, Create an Organization.

Group 21101290

Then, fill in the following fields.

    Screenshot 2022-10-14 at 01.06 1

    • The official business name
    • The name used when performing business
    • Tax ID or registration number
    • Phone number
    • Country of residence
    • State, city, zip code, and street name

    Click Create

    How to navigate the dashboard

    Group 21101309 (1)

    • Personal Workspace and navigation menu - Use this space to access your personal profile and organization list, home screen, user management, device settings, general settings, and links to support.

    Group 21101318

    • Center panel - Contains your 3-step getting started section and a list of organizations in your network
      Group 21101309
    • Topbar Menu - Manage organization invitations, profile, and log out

    🤩 Tip: Navigate to our User Management guide next to learn how to add your first user!