Thermal Receipt Printer Integration

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Keyo’s engineers recently completed integration with a thermal receipt printer. This new feature allows any Keyo device and compatible on-device apps to print custom paper records or receipts following a user scan/interaction.

How this feature came about

One of our customers approached Keyo with a problem concerning the inefficiencies around how their employees logged their meals in the company cafeteria. 

Here’s the problem 

Employees were checking in for their meals manually. They would have to find their name on a long list and sign in next to it. Then, HR would take the log and type the data into an xls file. Finally, HR would have to analyze the data to complete various admin tasks, like paying the caterers.

As a result: 

  • The signing in process was taking too long, which gave employees less time to eat during their break.
  • There were incorrect counts and delays to paying the caterers. 
  • There were counting and discounting issues. HR needed a system to know how many meals each employee was taking.

Our process

We had a discovery meeting with our client's human resources team to figure out every requirement and internal rule that would impact the solution we’d build. Then the sales team presented the requirements to our development lead, who submitted feedback and questions. 

Once the development lead received all of the necessary information, they designed a proposal of solution and created some solution mockups that we showed our customer. After the customer accepted the proposal, the development leader started working on this new functionality. 

Keyo's resulting solution


A note: the ticket that's produced allows the food service provider to count, record and generate physical evidence of the interaction.

Expected Benefits 

  • Improved control: reliable monitoring, results displayed by groups, and multiple pieces of evidence as support.
  • HR spends less time doing repetitive tasks.
  • Faster service getting food.
  • Better relationship with food service providers because they’re receiving accurate payments on time.

Other Applications

This feature can facilitate anything from printing payment receipts in stores, to punch cards for hourly employees, transit tickets and more. The receipt printer integration has already been adopted for cafeteria meal credit allocation and redemption for 400+ employees at a customer facility.


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