Keyo's Developer Program is Launching

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We’re very excited to announce the arrival of our Developer Program. Our program gives companies the ability to integrate their applications with the Keyo ID Platform. With Keyo, companies can replace IDs, payment cards, work badges, tickets and more with a wave of the palm.

What the program includes

  • The Keyo Base: a palm vein reader that identifies a person in less than two seconds with a contactless palm scan. 
  • The Keyo Terminal: a 7” capacitive touchscreen.
  • KeyoID API/SDK sandbox environment
  • Developer dashboard access
  • Dedicated time from Keyo’s support team

Keyo Pro device

What developers can do with a Keyo integration

  • Build, deploy and maintain apps with custom user interfaces for Keyo Devices
  • Interact with the physical and digital world via Keyo’s APIs, SDKs and IOT interfaces

Features to know about

  • Full sandbox environment
  • Live event monitoring
  • Use any language capable of making HTTP requests
  • Interactive API explorer
  • Clean documentation with diagrams and guides
  • Stable API with ready-to-use code snippets

What the future holds 

The most exciting part of 2022 for Keyo is rolling out our next generation palm vein scanner, the Keyo Pro, in Q2. It’s a smaller, discreet scanner with unparalleled palm detection capabilities ( it’ll be the only one of its kind on the market). When a company purchases our developer kit and integrates with Keyo, they’ll have priority access to deploying with the Keyo Pro and our user-facing mobile app.

Until then, Keyo’s developer program is a great way for companies to get their feet wet with customizable biometric authentication. 

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