The Keyo Wave is here!

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Imagine a world where you can unlock a door, pay at a store, or redeem a ticket with a wave of your hand. Where you never have to get to the front of the check out line only to realize that you forgot your wallet at home, or turn your house upside down looking for a key. A world where people experiencing natural disasters or political instability can easily access the services they need.

At Keyo, we don’t believe our identities should be trapped in scraps of metal, paper, and plastic. We believe we should be enough to prove who we are and access what belongs to us. Today, we are taking a huge step forward in making our vision a reality.

After 6 years of investment, engineering and field-testing, the Keyo Network is here! We’re launching the first global, privacy-first identity platform for people and businesses. It’s designed to create consistent and convenient experiences that span companies, countries and use cases. 

The Keyo Network is comprised of 4 key components:

  • The Keyo Wave is the industry’s most powerful, flexible, and accurate palm scanner. About the size of a hockey puck but packing more processing power than most computers, it reads the internal and external vein structure of your hand.  All data is protected with military-grade encryption, so your identity is safe. 
  • The Keyo Mobile App allows users to link accounts like credit cards, view their account activity, and manage their data and permissions. 
  • The Keyo Cloud is the software that instantly and privately allows users to identify themselves at any business participating in the Keyo Network. It’s scalable to billions of users for truly global reach.
  • The Keyo Partner Program and App Store make it easy for businesses to build biometrically authenticated applications and experiences for their customers, from payment processing terminals to check-in portals. Our developer-friendly documentation helps engineers easily integrate our solutions.

The best part? You can start building now!

Keyo Partners have already deployed over 15,000 Keyo devices for customers to pay at stores, check in for doctor’s appointments, and open office doors – all with a wave of the palm.

Learn more about the Keyo Network on our website,

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